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Our customers

ALRAEDA company worked with a large number of health facilities and hospitals in the public and private sectors in all the Libyan cities. Its work was not restricted to a specific city, so it provided its varied services in many Libyan cities.

Istiklal Hospital Royal clinic Tripoli Central Hospital
Alabraj hospital almuasa clinic Tajora Heart Hospital
Masarra Clinicmasafi clinicAssafwa International
taju alsiha clinic Ewan Clinic Ahl Aleafia Clinic
Tobruk Hospital Albaraa HospitalAssendan Clinic
Seoul Hospital Alhasana Clinic( Alhikma Hospital ( Misurata
Al Rayyan Clinic aleuyun HospitalMisrata Cancer Hospital
Alkhalil Hospita El Galaa HospitalAlhadbat Alkhadra Hospital Tripoli
Alkfaa Hospital Daralhamd Hospital
alfuaad Center Assafwa International Tripoli